Prices per 2020

Maintenance trim      

Rehab trim

Heavy horse trim                            

Heavy rehab trim

Shoe removal

Hoofboot fitting incl. trim

Hoofboot fitting excl. trim

Glue on boots/shoes

$ 50

From $ 70

$ 80

From $120

$ 10 per horse

$ 60

$ 40

$ Price on Application 

Boots and glue on shoes

We are a registered distributor for Scootboot, Easycare range of boots and shoes and we can supply Renegades boots.

Boots are best fitting straight after a trim to make sure for the correct size. Boots generally last longer and are not a one-off compared to traditional steel shoes or aluminum shoes. Depending on amount of use and the ground being ridden over, boots can last you a long time. 

Glue on shoes or boots can be used for rehabs, competition or just casual riding. We recommend to replace them every 5-6weeks max. 

The boots or shoes are glue on with a polyurethane glue which is super strong and works great with a short curing time. 

For more info or boot/shoe orders please don't hesitate to contact us.